„Tulpės“ sanatorium located beside a loop of the river Nemunas is the first sanatorium established in Birštonas having long-lasting traditions of healing with mineral water and peat mud. The sanatorium has successfully combined traditional resort treatment with SPA ideas ( Lat. sanus per aqua ) and tailored them to clients with different needs. Everybody who wants to have a rest or recreate is welcomed here at the most convenient time for you.

„Tulpės” is proud of the awards received for the services provided. In 2005 it was awarded a gold medal at the competition Lithuanian Product of a Year for its healing and wellness programmes. In 2006 it received an award for its weekend recreation package for future parents Pending A New Life.

We treat the following problems in „Tulpės“sanatorium:

  • Troubles in digestive system
  • Movement and backbone system troubles
  • Gynaecological troubles
  • Oncological troubles
  • Emotional and physical overwork.

Professional staff of our sanatorium is prepared to tend to every client‘s needs depending upon his intention to undergo treatment or recreate.

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B.Sruogos g.1, LT-59209 Birštonas

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